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The Invisible Things, the debut EP from Lacuna, is a collection of four sonic pieces conceived and created to explore and express the subtleties of emotion, mood, and feeling, indescribable through words, experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Lacuna is the moniker of ambient music artist and New York City-based actor, Don Castro ( Not unlike his work as an actor, Don strives to pursue a level of intimacy and vulnerability, to connect with the private corners of our hearts, in his work as an ambient music artist. He is also fascinated with the capacity of sound and music to communicate without words.

How to use this page: As you listen to each sound "piece," you can read about its creation and inspiration under "Caption." Much like in a gallery exhibit, a basic description of the work is provided while you listen to each piece.

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1. Chamber is the sound of exploration and discovery, not just in finding a shape for the sound, but in learning the technology that was used to create the piece. Don was also inspired to convey what it would sound like to travel through the heart.

2. The Invisible Things was inspired by the different emotions experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic that words cannot fully express. It was also influenced by the virus' disease process. Note: See if you can spot the lacuna  (An unfilled space or interval: a gap. Also known as "negative music.") embedded inside the track.

3. Aquatwilight took shape by watching the daily ritual of the sun's rise and fall, as the days, weeks, and months blurred together, while in quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic. Don wanted to convey a sense of repetition, yet provide the listener with subtle differences to listen for within each sequence. Dedicated to S.

4. Fulcrum started off as an improvised segment, with the intention of adding parts around it, at a later time. However, after layering around the segment, Don felt an overwhelming need to strip off these elements because it left the piece very busy and contrived. Now, bare and untreated, it retains a stateless quality, as if trying to hold on to stillness and balance while floating toward ephemerality.


Produced by: Lacuna

Recorded by: Lacuna

Cover Photography: Don Castro

All pieces composed by: Lacuna

All tracks were performed and recorded using an MPK Mini Professional Controller and Garage Band, version 2011.  Despite software limitations (ie. inability to upgrade a vintage program, limited instrument software access, etc.), these disadvantages were used to help spur the creative process (less technological options to spark creativity).

A very special thanks to: Leanne Cabrera, Alex Ryaboy of Blue Circus, Dr. Stephanie Nichols, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Brian Blade, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Fela Kuti, Yuna, BTS, GOT7, M.I.A., and Papa Sang Eng Oum (for your story and passion for music).

Dedicated to my Bubots, S & E.

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